Nepal is a country of immense natural beauty, a magical historic kingdom sitting astride the roof of the world.

Landlocked between the largest democracy in the world and the oldest civilization in the world Nepal is home to 8 of the 14 tallest mountains in the world, the birthplace of Buddha, the Bengal tiger and one of the last populations of single-horned Asiatic rhinos. 

From the cobbled streets of Kathmandu to the jungles of the Terai, from Buddhist monasteries in the Himalaya's to white water rafting and paragliding in stunning Pokhara………. we explore it all.

The essence, splendor and diversity of this beautiful little country will delight and fascinate all of those that come and visit. Leave Nepal on a high and like so many others……vow to return!

Group Tours in Nepal

Group travel is a great way to not only explore new regions, but also make new friends. Anyone and everyone travel with BOA. We have people from all over the world, all ages and all backgrounds. In fact the more nationalities we have, quite often the more interesting the trip will be. One common bond most of our passengers have (as well as crew) is a passion for travel.

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Highlights of Nepal

Nepal is one of the world's most fascinating countries, small in size, high in altitude and high in spirituality, heritage, culture and scenery.

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Accommodation in Nepal

'The BOA Way', ups the comfort level, enhancing your adventure with opulent 4 star accommodation at night. From restored traditional houses to modern hotels and safari lodges, we handpick all of our accommodation from the firsthand experience of staying there.

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Destination Map of Nepal

Looking to include a particular destination in your chosen tour ? Check out our map of India, the places we visit and on what tours we visit them.

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Travel Guide to Nepal

Everything you need to know before you leave home.

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Gallery of Nepal

They say 'a picture paints a thousand words' ......

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