Admire the historic and ornate havelis of rich merchant families from a different time.

Mandawa is highly renowned for its majestic and imposing fort and its fascinating Havelis (mansions). So vivid is the art and heritage of Mandawa, the town is referred to as an open art gallery of Rajasthan. The history of Mandawa dates back to the 18th century and it was later converted into a trading outpost for the ancient caravan routes coming from the middle east.

We are fortunate to be staying in the old Mandawa Castle (Fort) that dates back to 1755. It is today, of course, a charming hotel, featuring one of the earliest frescos.

Accommodation in Mandawa

Things to see & do

Walking tour of Mandawa

Around every corner in Mandawa there is something to see. Ornate homes, decorated inside and out with colourful frescoes and whimsical murals depicting the mythological and religious history of India will enchant you.

Shopping in Mandawa

The markets in Mandawa are great for lovers of art as the town is known for its paintings most of which have been recreated by artisans inspired by those in Mandawa’s forts and palaces and .