Client Reviews

"Had a wonderful trip to Nepal last September. Vehicle, accommodation and sightseeing were tops. Ben and his crew obviously know the country inside out and took us to many places not visited by tourists and gave us many opportunities to meet and mingle with the delightful locals. Would urge anyone to give it a go." 



"Having done several trips with Ben Grayling, of which one was a fantastic trip through Nepal, I highly recommend you put a couple of weeks (or more) aside and join in on one of these "once in a lifetime adventures"



A FANTASTIC TRIP!! Wonderful people, magnificent unspoiled countryside. We were so lucky to visit areas few tourists see. Ben is a very safe driver and knows the country like the "back of his hand". We had lots of fun and would thoroughly recommend BOA Overland. We can’t wait for our next trip."



“As an experienced overland traveller I found BOA to be of the highest standards in comfort, efficiency, safety, and excitement. The driver was well informed, spoke well about the subjects of which he was highly knowledgeable and was pleasant to all of the passengers. I would highly recommend BOA for anyone who wants to travel this part of the world and would not hesitate to employ their services should I choose to travel in that part of the world again.”  



 "I had been hunting for years for an overland trip that encompassed Nepal, the Sikkim area of North India and Bhutan, and then came across BOA's trips, that ALSO continued into Bangladesh. Amazing. Every day was a thrill, and inspiring in so many ways. The trucks are customised, and several notches up from the average overland vehicles you may have travelled on. My trip was an exploratory, and so now BOA have made a few changes to the itinerary, you can benefit from an even better routing. If you would like photos or more information from my perspective as a passenger, please let Ben know, and I can email you. Please join one of BOA's adventures... you will not stop smiling for weeks after."  



"The group was small, diverse and interesting, a good thing when travelling together for several weeks. We knew that we were in for a great trip when we met the “diehards”, those who had travelled with Ben before. Nepal is a fascinating country and Ben’s driving skills and first hand knowledge of different areas, customs and beliefs was invaluable. We enjoyed meals at the most unlikely places. Krishna our guide happily responded to our requests for assistance at any time day or night. There was some flexibility which enabled individual pursuits such as hiking, shopping or generally relaxing. A fantastic trip which has been highly recommended to our friends."  

 Ian and Ann


"BOA gave me good value, a well paced trip with an itinerary and experiences I wouldn't have done on my own. I can't say enough good things about the trip leader and I look forward to future trips with BOA."