All Inclusive Adventure Travel

In the saturated travel market, it is easy to find the same old trips to the same old places… but that is not our style. Best Of Asia Overland’s trips are different, offering you a genuine travel experience. If you are a traveller who yearns to see the world, yet enjoys style and comfort, these trips are for you!

BOA Overland go to places that few companies offer and get closer to the real people and off the beaten track. Our trips include Northern and North Eastern India, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and Bangladesh. In the not too distant future, we will travel through Myanmar and Thailand as well. Being based in the Subcontinent gives BOA invaluable local experience and we cover much of the lesser known areas.

Relaxed and stress free overland travel – BOA trips have a crew of two, a western leader/driver and a local guide. BOA offers relaxed, stress free and fully inclusive overland adventure travel in their own very spacious, air conditioned ‘all-terrain Mercedes Benz coach style overland vehicles’. We also concentrate on you getting the most out of the places you visit rather than being caught up with the daily running of the trip. Unlike many other overland companies which ask you, the client, to participate in truck chores and duties, we don’t! No time spent cooking, food shopping for cook groups and washing up; gives you more time to experience the people and places that you have come to see. That’s the BOA style!

Most of BOA’s scheduled itineraries are hotel based. However sometimes, due to the remoteness of a location, accommodation simply isn’t available. In these circumstances, a third party travelling ahead of the BOA vehicle would have set up a tented camp including dining tent (with tables, chairs and heating), personal tents (with camp beds and mattresses in Tibet) and a toilet tent (with a western seat), ready for your arrival.

Our trips are an all inclusive package from the time you arrive for the start of your trip where you are welcomed by us, right through to the time you reluctantly conclude your itinerary.

What is included:-

• all meals
• drinking water on our vehicle
• accommodation
• sleeping bags (when camping in Tibet)
• all activities/entry fees to local attractions listed on the detailed itinerary
• internet usage on our vehicle (CDMA/3G whichever is applicable)
• the use of an Apple iPad 2 and Android tablets
• 12 volt and 240 volt charging facilities on board the BOA vehicle
• all applicable entry permits, for example: Tibet, Bhutan and Sikkim (not visas). Detailed information can be found in our trip specific route notes.
• any flights listed on the itinerary
• all transport listed on the itinerary
• all airport transfers

What is not included

• alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages
• laundry
• personal taxis or personal transportation
• personal expenses (such as souvenirs and snacks)
• personal travel insurance (this is a trip requirement)
• visas
• flights not listed on the itinerary

When we camp out

We supply extra crew (cook and a helpers) in a support vehicle. Every morning, the extra crew break camp after our departure. In the afternoon, when we arrive at our destination for the day:
• camp will have been set up
• the evening meal will be merrily cooking away
• water will be on the boil for those who want a good wash

Camps consist of:

• kitchen tent
• dining tent with tables, chairs and heating
• toilet tent with western toilet seat
• personal tents with cots and mattresses

I loved having the chance to get truly off the beaten track in Bangladesh, getting to experience a country in person rather than just through the media. I was surprised by just how beautiful and diverse it was. We were looked after expertly by our leader, who negotiated the challenges of travelling in a country such as this with ease.

Our trip up through Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal was a fantastic chance to compare and contrast the impact the last 50 years has made on some of the Himalayan kingdoms. Bhutan was a particular highlight with it's friendliness and focus on developing sustainably. Our local guide really bought the trip to life with his incredibly friendly personality and we with the truck managed to see a good section of the country in a small amount of time. A good knowledge of availability of side-trips, and the bureaucracy required to get them to work, enabled us to have a good choice of trips in Sikkim. Walking close to Rhinos in Chitwan National Park was also fantastic, as was hearing some of the stories about the impact that the park has on people's life. Through all of this, a balance was struck between comfort, with a very comfortable truck, and fairly upmarket accommodation, with opportunities to wander on our own and see more more of real life in the countries we visited. A heavily organised coach trip this is not.

~~~~Ruth (UK)